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If you’re seeking a distinctive and personalized way to deliver knowledge and skills, you’ve come to the right place. We’re here to assist you in launching and designing your unique educational platform, where you can offer courses and materials in your preferred areas, aligning perfectly with your vision and goals.

Let's work together to turn

your vision into reality

 and empower learners to engage with valuable content. Contact us today to share the details of your project, and we’ll guide you through building your self-contained educational platform.

Platform Features:

Dedicated technical support to ensure the sustainability and smooth operation of your platform.

Provide the tools and technologies necessary to create an exceptional and innovative learning experience.

Customize content, schedules, assessment methods, and student interaction to your preferences.

Design a completely independent educational platform that suits your needs and vision.

et’s shape your educational landscape together

Build your distinctive and innovative educational platform with us

Contact our team today and embark on the journey of transforming your idea into a tangible reality.

Craft your ideal online teaching platform with our tailored subscription packages.
Choose from unique features that empower your educational vision.

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Professional package

Suitable for those who have a large number of courses and students
  • itembully 8 courses for the platform
  • itembully Unlimited number of students
  • itembully Technical support for 01 year
  • itembully All of the above in the medium package + creation 5 articles in your field to attract visitors organically
  • itembully Help to create content for social We help you create content for social mediamedia
  • itembully We help with how to create ads to attract more student clients interested in your field
  • itembully You can add multiple instructors or teachers and use the same platform

Medium package

If you have several courses
  • itembully 3 courses for the platform
  • itembully Unlimited number of students
  • itembully Technical support for 6 months after the platform is delivered
  • itembully Domain, hosting, home page, basic pages, contact us, and privacy policy
  • itembully Linking the site to social media pages and Google Maps
  • itembully Create a blog page to attract visitors for free and write 3 articles in your field

Starter Spark

If you are a new trainer and have an educational course
  • itembully Only one course
  • itembully Unlimited number of students
  • itembully Platform technical support for two months after the platform is delivered
  • itembully Domain, hosting, home page, and course page with the main pages, contact us, and the privacy policy

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How do I start building my own online course platform?

We will build everything for you to leave you enough time to register and market your course

After we discuss the nature and the style of the platform you want and finish creating it, we will teach you how to use your platform.

There are no additional fees for a full year, but after the year you will need to pay an amount to renew your domain and hosting

Yes, you can add an unlimited number of courses, and we will teach you how to add a course, but if you want us to upload your course, we will make a new agreement regarding raising the number of more courses.

Yes, you can create courses for several teachers, but on the condition that you require us to create a professional package for you.